Dawnblade // Quicken [WTR115-T // WTR225-T] Alpha Print Normal

Dawnblade // Quicken [WTR115-T // WTR225-T] Alpha Print Normal

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Set: Welcome to Rathe
Edition: Alpha Print
Finish: Regular
Type: Weapon // Token
Subtype: Sword (2H) // Auro
Rarity: Token
Class: Warrior // Generic
Power: 3
Once per Turn Action - [1 Resource]: Attack If Dawnblade hits, and it's the second time it has hit this turn, put a +1 [Power] counter on Dawnblade. At the beginning of your end phase, if Dawnblade has not hit this turn, remove all +1 [Power] counters from Dawnblade.
(Aura's stay in the arena until they are destroyed.) When you play an attack action card or attack with a weapon, destroy Quicken and the attack gains go again.