Anothos // Katsu [WTR040-T // WTR077-T] Alpha Print Normal

Anothos // Katsu [WTR040-T // WTR077-T] Alpha Print Normal

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Set: Welcome to Rathe
Edition: Alpha Print
Finish: Regular
Type: Weapon // Hero
Subtype: Hammer (2H) // Young
Rarity: Token
Class: Guardian // Ninja
Power: 4
Life: 20
Intellect: 4
Once per Turn Action - [3 Resource]: Attack If there are 2 or more cards in your pitch zone with cost 3 or greater, Anathos gains +2 [Power].
Once per Turn Effect - When an attack action card you control hits, you may discard a card with cost 0. If you do, search your deck for a card with combo, banish it face up, then shuffle your deck. You may play it this turn.